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Wardrobe Wednesday | Virginia Dare Dress Co. Maternity Style


If anyone remembers this post from almost exactly a year ago, first introducing the wonderful new Virginia Dare Dress Co., then you know this follow up one is extra meaningful and exciting. My dear friend Rebekah – with the help of so many wonderful folks who supported her vision via Kickstarter – has seen her dream of a dress company become a reality. And not just that, but it’s a living, breathing reality being worn by real-life women all over the place – including this pregnant mama! Which, of course, brings us to today’s post!

It was such a joy to watch and support this whole process, but something truly magical when I finally got to touch and try them on in person and pick out my very own. Naturally, of course, this happened to fall during a very baby-bump season of my life….but that didn’t even matter! The Samantha dress, which is what I’d had my eye on from the beginning, actually works so well with the bump and as an extra bonus will even be nursing-friendly! Because it’s a true wrap dress (that wraps fully around and has PLENTY of fabric coverage to make you entirely covered without fear of an awkward gap if you sit wrong) it is super versatile with how much space it has. I’m sure she didn’t design it with pregnancy and breastfeeding in mind, but it’s just a win/win when a dress you love can so easily and comfortably adapt through different seasons of life with you.

I can envision so many ways to style this dress, especially post-pregnancy, but these heeled ankle boots and a simple neck scarf are perfect for these end-of-Summer/early-Fall days where it’s getting a little cooler but still so pleasant outside that extra layers and warmth aren’t needed yet. Can’t wait to try it out with tights and my other ankle boots, sweaters layered over, thicker scarves, etc, as we head into the colder Fall months.

Dress: Virginia Dare Dress Co, $159 | Boots: Dillard’s, $60 | Neckerchief: Thrifted, $2 | Rings: Formation Co. & Milovala, $12

The length of this dress is great for pregnancy (as you can see) but will also be wonderful for adventuring out with my toddler & newborn, or a coffee date with girlfriends or even with some heels on a date with Aaron. Pieces that can be dressed up or down and allow so much room for fun accessorizing are such a favorite of mine, and I know this investment into my wardrobe is going to be loved and worn over and over. For reference: I’m just about 5’4″, 33 weeks pregnant and am wearing a size Small. 

But if full-skirt wrap dresses aren’t your thing, head over to the Virginia Dare site to check out the other two beautiful styles – the Emma & Camilla! I love seeing which dresses jump out to different people and how they all style and wear them uniquely. I honestly just can’t say enough about this beautiful new company, the quality of the dresses (they all feel SO GOOD to wear – I know because I’ve tried on all 3 styles personally!) and the heart behind it all.

BONUS! Use the code TORIKINDREDS to grab yourself free shipping (exchanges and returns are already free, so this means you can completely try out any of the dresses without losing anything on shipping either way – score!) plus a special gift exclusively for my friends/followers! (Think charming hand-picked goodies because that’s the kind of personal touch this company believes in). I can’t wait to hear what you think of these dresses, and see you style them for yourselves and your daily adventures!

Thanks to my sister-in-law Melissa for snapping these photos for me!

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