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Margot Monthly | Months 4 – 7


I am so massively behind on blogging my sweet girl’s monthly photos and highlights, but because it’s been so fun and helpful to look back on all of Llewyn’s posts from his first year, I’ve decided to just do some combined posts rather than give up altogether. So, while Margot is currently 8.5 months old, today’s post is just months 4-7. It’s insane to me how long ago 4 months feels in some ways, and how much older she is now. But mostly, it’s just so fun to be able to look through these photos and cherish all the precious smiles and chub of this girl with each month that she’s grown and changed. So, if you like baby highlights and cute photos, read on! :)

F O U R | M O N T H S


At 4 months, I’m astounded that suddenly she really isn’t a newborn anymore. Instead, she likes to be held sitting up so she can look around and be part of the action. She also loves to flop herself backwards while being held because apparently the world is more interesting when upside down. ;) She smiles a ton and giggles easily – especially when Llewyn dances for her or I pat her nose and make silly sounds. She’s great with tummy time, though still gets whiny when she’s ready to be done, and we are making great strides with naps and overall sleeping in the crib. I may still be tired from the sleep regression that hit hard halfway through the 3rd month, and multiple middle of the night feeds, but progress is being made, nonetheless!

F I V E | M O N T H S

At five months, Little Lady loves to laugh when mama makes silly faces and sounds, she’s taken to squealing quite a lot – both in happiness & contentment AND disapproval – she’s getting quite good at grabbing toys, rolling from tummy to back, and especially loves to grab her feet and toes while laying on her back which is my favorite thing. :) She’s so full of smiles and joy and it’s especially fun to watch her smile or laugh at Llewyn as he dances and plays and talks to her. They love each other so much and I hope that grows deeper and deeper with each passing month. She also went on her first long roadtrip (9.5 hours to Georgia) and did a great job! Generally going 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at night, and also loves splashing during bath time!

S I X | M O N T H S

She’s SO much fun at this age! Working on sitting up, great at grabbing toys and loves chomping on things. Smiles and laughs SO easily and is in general one of the happiest babies ever. Transitioned out of the swaddle and officially done with the rock n play (big milestones for this mama!) and now takes at least one longer nap a day without having to be re-settled! Not sleeping through the night yet, but just a dream feed + one middle of the night feeding. She squeals and babbles to make her displeasure known and has two distinct laughs that make all of our hearts melt. She loves her brother & daddy, but for the most part is definitely still a mama’s girl. Her hair keeps growing and we’ve officially started wearing bow clips instead of headbands to keep those bangs out of her eyes! She also had her first introduction to food (avocado) and definitely didn’t hate it, though was a little skeptical. She weighs in at 14 lbs 4 oz (11%) and is 24.5″ (2.5%) tall, so even though she’s on the fairly petite size, her weight for height is good and that’s all this mama wants to hear!

S E V E N | M O N T H S

At 7 months, she loves sitting up and doesn’t even need support, though something soft behind still catches those unpredictable falls. She is rather into sticking her little tongue out right now, and blowing spit bubbles. Growling or laughing at her brother are regular and often occurrences. She loves sleeping on her side, but is very much not sleeping through the night yet (soon? Please?) – but we have cut out the middle of the night feed, so that’s progress! She’s continued trying food and thus far we’ve done avocado, carrots, sweet potato and broccoli – all of which have at least been tolerated if not enjoyed. She’s finally rolled from back to tummy, though still much prefers to be sitting or laying on her back. She babbles with lots of consonants and still primarily smiles and laughs (though she’s got a good mean mug when she wants to). Taking much more interest in board books and pretty much gets excited by any that we read to her, and particularly loves to touch each page + try to grab the book. :)

Oh, what a sweet, sweet joy this baby girl is. Sometimes I can’t even handle how fast she’s growing and changing and I just love soaking it all up and cherishing these days – that can sometimes be so hard and long and tiring – but that are so full of love and grace and joy, as well. Keep growing, baby girl!

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  1. Angie says:

    What a precious little gal she is! And so lucky to have a wonderful momma like you! And dad and brother, of course. I love the pictures and I so loved getting to see her in person and holding her. 🌸🌸🌸

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