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Lori Tran of Wild Green Yonder | Style Inspiration For Creative Women


I’m so excited to bring you a fun feature today, in collaboration with my talented friend Lori Tran. She’s a genius florist, business woman and soon-to-be-mama. You all know my love for style and how that can be an expression of creativity. As a small business owner, style not only helps express that creative bent of your personal brand or outlook on life, but it also serves practical purposes for comfort and, of course, for allowing you to create in whatever your profession is. I love sharing my own style, but I also love being inspired by other women and their style and how it differs from my own. So, I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this beautiful lady and her perfectly understated, simple, modern style.

How would you describe your signature style?

Split personalities – I go back and forth between utilitarian basics featuring solid neutral colors with simple clean silhouettes, and busier patterns like florals or block prints with more color infused and more flowing, bohemian silhouettes. I also tend to get one item or look I really love and wear it absolutely to death until I can’t stand it any more and have to find something new. 

What is your favorite thing to wear for a day in the office? Why?

Since becoming pregnant I’ve pretty much given up on pants. (Jeans were formerly my daily uniform.) If I’m going to be sitting doing desk work all day I prefer a dress – either something breezy and flowy or an easy stretchy and soft fitted dress. I’ll throw on jeans for a day doing design work –  having pockets is key. Also it gets super cold in our design room since we crank the a/c for the flowers – so having on long jeans and lots of layers up top keeps me comfortable working.

Dress: Isabella Oliver via A Pea in the Pod | Shoes: Nisolo

How do you approach adding pieces to your wardrobe?

I shop by what catches my eye coupled with filling specific gaps I have in my wardrobe. I latch on to wanting a particular item and enjoy the hunt for the perfect version of it – last fall it was finding the perfect prairie dress.

What is your favorite thing to wear for a day on location? Why?

It all depends what I’m doing on location. This summer it’s been midi dresses for everything – it’s cool and comfortable and I feel put together whether doing an installation or meeting clients. Now that it’s cooling off outside it’s my beloved jeans for any sort of installation or physical work – they are just easier for crawling around in, climbing ladders, and getting messy. Birkenstocks have been my go to all summer for when I’m on my feet a lot. I’ll wear a more stylish shoe like the Nisolo mules or sandals for client meetings. 

Any favorite tips, tricks, or go-to’s when it comes to your wardrobe or accessories?

I think less is more across the board – if I have too many choices it’s overwhelming, so having a fairly small wardrobe and wearing the same things to death works for me. For accessories, also less is more – I’d rather have 1-2 really incredible leather bags that I use for years then a bunch of trendy cheap ones. I always tend to invest more in bags and shoes – they hold up for many seasons and easily elevate an otherwise inexpensive outfit. 

Dress: Storq | Mules: Nisolo

Where do you find style inspiration?

I love seeing what designers are doing each season (ie: Ulla Johnson) and how that trickles down to what I can actually afford. Also my studio mate Colleen is my style muse – she has such great iconic style and is always my second opinion for sending those fitting room selfies to. I think it’s most relatable and applicable to see how every day stylish people I know are dressing vs. reading Vogue which requires so much adaptation and creativity to make it applicable to my lifestyle.

What are some of your favorite brands or places to shop?

Nordstrom, Madewell, Nisolo, Everlane, & Other Stories, Sezane (most of these were pre-pregnancy) Since being pregnant I try so hard to find regular clothes I can fit into. Maternity clothes in general are not exciting – but I do love the brand Storq and Madewell’s maternity jeans. Aspirationally I love Ulla Johnson. 

Dress: Christy Dawn | Sandals: Nisolo

Isn’t she just fabulous? I love each one of these looks and her cohesive style as a whole. Each outfit is truly great for maternity and non-pregnancy, too, and I’m always a fan of that kind of versatility! Be sure to check out her stunning work and follow along with Lori on Instagram – trust me, you will appreciate the regular dose of beauty!

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