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Margot Monthly | 19 Months



Ok, so, Margot is now almost 22 months….and these were supposed to be taken at 18 months, but they happened at 19 months, instead. I guess all that stuff about keeping up with a second kid on the same schedule is true. Hah! BUT, it’s important to me to document her growth as close to how I did Llewyn’s as possible and this is such a fun stage that I had to share some highlights with you!

It’s honestly hard to believe it’s already been over a year and a half of life with her! She is SO much fun at this age, and as full of spunk as ever. She has over 35 words/phrases she uses regularly and is repeating and picking up news words almost daily. I love being able to better communicate with her! She is an adventurous soul and loves climbing on things (much to mama’s chagrin) loves playing chase & hide and seek with daddy and Llewyn and loves being outside. She goes down the biggest slides and simply says “Oh wow!” after tumbling reallllly fast and nearly out of control down them. She is obsessed with stairs and can go up and down them like a big girl, holding the hand rail. She loves her baby cousin – and babies in general – and pats their tummies and backs and frequently showers them with “muah!” kisses. Her height is the 6th percentile so while she’s still petite, she’s healthy and growing great, and loves to eat. Favorites include just about any fruit, sweet potato, peas, pizza, yogurt and applesauce. Her favorite books are “Home”, “My First Words”, “Lift-A-Flap Trains” & “Little Yellow Bee” and she has definite opinions about what songs I’m allowed to sing her before bedtime, if at all. (“Come Thou Fount” is a recently approved of and “Jesus Loves Me” is out.)

I love watching her grow and change so, so much. Her spunk and spirit make me so excited to see who she will become as she gets older, and what she will do to make an impact on this world and those around her. I daily pray for the grace and wisdom to love and guide her well, and to model what it is to be a confident, joyful woman who deeply knows her worth and the One it comes from. Keep growing, sweet girl! You are so, so loved. <3

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  1. Angie says:

    Oh…what a joy! Why do we live so far apart?! She is just beautiful as is her mama. It was a highlight to get to see all of you a few weeks ago. Blessings and peace upon you and yours. 💕

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