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Baby #3 Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17


Well hello, friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a personal post. Hopefully, by now, if you follow on Instagram you caught our news that we are expecting baby #3 in August! While it’s SO TRUE that it’s hard to keep up with documenting a pregnancy when you already have two other kids to take care of, I really didn’t want this kid to be left out of what I’ve done for the other two. So, I’m finally getting around to sharing some bump photos and a few pregnancy updates!

How far along are you?

18 weeks! But, I’m usually a day or two behind taking the weekly photo and I will only be sharing bumpdates every few weeks, like this, so it’s not too much bombardment!

How are you feeling?

As of 15 weeks, I’m feeling SO much better! Up until that point, it was pretty rough. A lot of gagging and throwing up and general nausea. :( With Llewyn I felt better at 12 weeks, with Margot at 13.5 weeks, and this time 15 weeks. So…clearly the trend is that it takes longer each time. Oof.

Are you finding out the baby’s gender?

Yes! We did the early genetic testing this time, just for peace of mind (I was struggling with a lot of fear and anxiety in the beginning of this pregnancy) and we found out it’s a boy! We would have been so happy either way, but if any girl can handle being sandwiched between brothers, it’s definitely Margot.

Any particular cravings so far?

Not really, aside from NEEDING to have cold fruit on hand at any given point. If I do happen to get queasy, that is a life saver. Also, just generally still needing to eat carbs with protein in order to not feel sick an hour after eating. Chips & salsa was a big one earlier on and I definitely just had more aversions than anything else. But at this point I’m able to eat pretty much anything and not having any super strong cravings for anything in particular.

Any favorite moments so far?

Margot has recently taken to wanting to “see the baby” (which means my bare belly) and then lay her head on it and say “I miss you baby….I love you!” and hug it and kiss it and just all this lovin’ on my belly and it melts my heart. Here’s hoping she’ll be as doting once he’s actually born! Haha.

Excited to share along this journey as with the other two, and while 3 kids is going to be a little crazy (I’m sure!) I’m deeply grateful for this blessing and excited to see what life holds as our family grows! :)

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