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Baby #3 Bumpdate: Weeks 18-26


Well, I’ve not been great at blogging these days, even though I have SO many amazing sessions to share. It IS on my to-do list for this month. But! I’m so far behind on bump photos that I figured I should share more of those before I’m in the 3rd trimester. Hah!

How are you feeling?

This sweet baby boy is growing great and overall I’m feeling well! Definitely more exhausted than I remember being the other two times, but that’s probably par for the course with having two kiddos already and *cough* being a couple years older. But I’m really loving the Every Mother workout system right now which is keeping me active and giving me the peace of mind that I’m doing safe and effective things for my core and I’m crossing fingers that will make the postpartum recovery a little smoother this time around!

Any particular cravings right now?

Not really, although I’m super loving watermelon with some fresh lime squeezed on it, a bit of salt & fresh mint. Definite favorite snack or healthy dessert right now! But overall I’m eating a pretty normal variety of things and haven’t felt strongly compelled toward things in particular.

Any standout moments or highlights from the last several weeks?

Being pregnant in the middle of a global pandemic and stay-at-home mandate has definitely added an unexpected and often stressful layer. With additional hormones already in the mix, there have definitely been some challenging moments of discouragement/fear/uncertainty I’ve had to work through. Having my 20-week ultrasound with a mask on my face and unable to take my husband or kids with me – and not even allowed to FaceTime them in or take video – was a sad experience. I definitely shed some tears, but left so grateful that my baby is healthy and strong and looked great. So I’m focusing on the joys and the wins wherever I can!

Margot’s continued interested in wanting to “see the baby!” (which means my bare belly) and laying her head down, or hugging/kissing him and whispering “Hi, baby! I love you baby” has been one of my favorite things. I cannot wait to see her as an older sister!

Also excited to start a few projects to transition some simple things in the kids’ rooms as we prepare to move Margot in with Llewyn and re-do Margot’s room just slightly for baby boy. Those have been fun to brainstorm and plan for, especially during all the time stuck at home!

Ultimately, I’m very grateful to be having another low-risk, healthy, normal pregnancy thus far and praying it continues as such all the way through the end!

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