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Baby #3 Bumpdate: Weeks 27-34


How has it really been another 8 weeks since my last bumpdate?! In some ways, it’s crazy how fast this 3rd trimester is going. In other ways (like being tired and feeling huge, hah) each day seems to pass slooooowly. But either way, only having 6-ish weeks until this baby boy comes is kind of surreal! I’m so grateful for this visual journal of him growing along the way.

Definitely getting more limited in what I can wear because of belly size AND because the weather is getting hotter. But, I’m enjoying still actually “getting dressed” nearly everyday, especially as the social isolation of this COVID pandemic continues to keep life feeling strange, feeling cute in clothes I like has been a mood lifter. This is certainly a pregnancy and a season I will never forget.

How are you feeling?

Overall, pretty great! Just tired a lot and have certain aches and pains. But doing the Every Mother prenatal breathing and workouts several times a week has been really helpful this time around, and I’m convinced it’s helped my body continue to adjust even as my belly gets bigger and bigger here at the end.

Any particular cravings right now?

Pretty obsessed with watermelon in general and continuing to have my watermelon/salt/lime/mint combo. But also, pretty much anything I can make with fruit and fresh mint (toast with ricotta cheese, peaches, mint, honey & sunflower seeds for example, or mocktails with muddled strawberry and fresh mint, etc). Also, the sourdough crackers Aaron has been making all quarantine. Cannot keep myself from grabbing a few several times a day…

Any standout moments or highlights from the last several weeks?

Definitely celebrating Llewyn’s 5th birthday and having my parents come to town for that. It was SO nice to finally get some time with family for that weekend. Also, both scary and special that we moved Llewyn & Margot into a shared room this past week. Some nights have been smoother than others, haha, but overall it’s been good. Really loved seeing their redecorated space come together, as well.

Every nap and bedtime, now, Margot doesn’t let me sing her bedtime song (“love you forever”) to HER anymore, but instead she sings it to her baby brother. Cue all. the. melting. hearts. Instead of “my baby you’ll be” at the end of the it she sings his name in the cutest way and I just love it. Llewyn also loves to put his hand on my belly and feel his brother move and I love seeing his excitement and connection growing, too.

Also loved having my official maternity shoot and can’t wait to see/share more of that once I have the photos back!

Excited to put a few touches on the baby’s room, now, to make it feel like a bit of a fresh space for him and will definitely share that in the near future, too, as we continue to prep for his arrival! :)

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