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I'm a self-proclaimed sentimentalist who believes in photography that evokes emotion, looks effortless, and feels real. Here on my blog, you'll find my work, my outfit inspiration, goals, and more. I'm glad you're here!


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Heirloom Products

The single product I am most passionate about for my clients is the wedding album. This gorgeous leather heirloom has been so meaningful to me, as a bride, and truly becomes the most impacting way that your children and grandchildren will get to relive and hear about your special day in the years to come. […]

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Lately, I’ve really found myself drawn to the beauty and simplicity of subtle greenery. Vines, plants, leaves….I just love how it really doesn’t need any floral dressing up to look stunning. Vibrant greens set against soft neutrals are just a dream-team, if you ask me. So, when I was recently looking back through some of […]

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If you’ve been following my business for a while, now, or have read the information section on my website, then you know that the products I choose to offer to my clients are given careful consideration. I’ve never been all about using the “it” brand just because it’s popular, but rather want to offer simple, […]

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