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Llewyn Monthly: 21 & 22 Months


Oh, this sweet boy! What a fun couple of months it’s been. In keeping with my every three month photos at this point, these were all supposed to be from 21 months. But since it was right after we moved, and because I didn’t really get one shoot in like I wanted, I decided to go ahead and combine these two months as the update. He’s also changing so rapidly and there’s so much fun stuff to share!

Highlights from this age:

  • He talks SO MUCH and not only has tons of words, but lots of regular phrases. He also repeats (or at least tries) almost everything I say
  • Some of my favorite words/phrases are: “I did it!”, “I see it!”, “Mommy turn?” (when he wants me to do or try something), “Oh boy!”, “Yay!”, “Oh noooo!” (in a very concerned tone), that he calls Cooper “Pooper”, “muuuuuusic”, “Luh you!”, “One more?” (as he holds up is pointer finger near his face and tries to convince you to let him do more of whatever he was doing ;)
  • He squeals with the best excitement when we pick him up from the nursery at church and when Aaron gets home from work
  • When asked what is in Mommy’s belly he exclaims, “Baby!” when asked if he thinks it’s a boy or girl he says, “I don’t know!” haha
  • Says “Thank you, honey!” and in general uses “honey” a lot when referring to me because I say this to him, so he assumes it applies both ways <3
  • He lovvvves being outside (using sticks to drum on the patio chairs, sitting in the tree with Aaron’s help, playing in dirt & rocks, going on walks), loves playing with his Lego duplo blocks, is obsessed with music, loves singing and dancing (especially into a “microphone” of some sort and in front of a mirror or something where he can see his reflection)
  • Favorite movie: Tangled, Favorite shows: Daniel Tiger & Barney
  • Favorite books: I’m A Hungry Dinosaur, Fox In Socks, Cat in the Hat, Found
  • Firsts: enjoyed his first Easter basket (continues to call all of the stuff he got in it “presents”) & Easter egg hunt, has gotten fruit snacks for the first time and loves them (of course), chased bubbles, played with Playdoh, got introduced to stickers
  • He can count to 4 consistently, and sometimes 5 when he feels like it
  • Favorite foods are fruit, cheese, applesauce & yogurt (and he alllllways asks for them ;) but he’s pretty good about trying veggies (even if not always fully eating them) and enjoys a good variety of foods for lunch and dinner, so he’s well-rounded which I’m grateful for!
  • Still loves to snuggle and whenever doing so likes to say, “snuggle!”

He’s really just such a joy to be around and so much fun. The toddler stage isn’t always easy, as he is also learning to press boundaries and exert his opinion, and disobey. But I know that’s part of it all, and having a two-way relationship is so rewarding even when you’re training and teaching. He is going to be such a sweet big brother and we are so excited to see him step into that role this Fall!

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