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Now that Llewyn is over a year old, I decided I would cut back his monthly photos to every 3 months until he’s 2, and then reevaluate after that. So that brings us to now, his 15 month photos! Which, he actually turns 16 months tomorrow and I can’t even believe how fast time is […]

How is it even POSSIBLE that I’m writing this post?! I’m still in awe that my little baby is already a year old. It’s been a whirlwind these past 12 months. Some really hard days, a lot of sleepless nights, health struggles, and all the caffeine. But so very much joy. A ton of laughter, […]

It’s unbelievable that Llewyn is ALMOST A YEAR OLD (as of next Monday)! But I’m cherishing the rest of him being 11-months and excited to share his photos today! Things of note from this month: Went on his first roadtrip (9 hours) and did great! Cut his first tooth (!!!!) Finally hit 18 pounds (and […]

Continuing with my tradition of not posting his monthly photos until he’s almost already the NEXT month’s age….hah. Excited to show off 10-month-Llewyn today! WHAT a month it’s been. Here are some of the main bullet points! Just DAYS after being over the stomach bug and finally eating again, I gave him some peanut butter […]

My sweet, snuggly, smiley boy is already over 9 months old! And it’s been a rocky month, so far, with his first sicknesses and some concerns about his weight gain. But even in spite of that, he has been such a joy. Even in the midst of sickness, he would laugh and play and of course […]