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Well, baby Llewyn is definitely growing in there! It’s crazy that I’m at 24 weeks already, and only have 16 to go! On the other hand, realizing I still have 16 to go is kind of crazy. You start to wonder how it will feel when you’re REALLY big….hah! In the picture on the left, it […]

It’s Friday, and I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for the weekend! We started working on baby registry stuff this week (which has been QUITE the task), and I’ve continued adding to my Pinterest inspiration boards, but I’m excited because we’re going to IKEA tomorrow to check out a few things for […]

It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! We are so excited to finally share the news with you! I’m not great at keeping secrets, anyway, so we knew we weren’t the type that would be cut out to keep it to ourselves for the rest of the pregnancy. And we didn’t want to! We […]

I can’t believe it’s already been another 3 weeks since my last Baby Bump update! I’m already halfway through this pregnancy and that’s a crazy (and slightly scary!) realization. We have yet to really do anything related to registry or purchasing baby items. But, we find out gender tomorrow (!!!) so I know we’ll really get going […]

I’m so grateful to be feeling good in my second trimester, as that made the holidays so much more enjoyable. I was really nauseous in the first trimester which fell during our Thanksgiving celebration with Aaron’s family, and it was really rough. Always a bummer not to be able to enjoy all the good food! […]