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Llewyn Monthly: 11 Months


It’s unbelievable that Llewyn is ALMOST A YEAR OLD (as of next Monday)! But I’m cherishing the rest of him being 11-months and excited to share his photos today!

Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0009

Things of note from this month:

  • Went on his first roadtrip (9 hours) and did great!
  • Cut his first tooth (!!!!)
  • Finally hit 18 pounds (and then lost some while sick, but still!)
  • Got his first double ear infection :(
  • Favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
  • Discovered how to shake his head and now it’s his favorite
  • Loves walking (while I hold his hands) & standing/playing with his musical toy
  • Is rather independent when eating & likes to feed himself
  • Favorite foods are still avocado toast, black beans & rice, & apple/banana puree pouches

Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0004Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0002Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0006Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0007Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0015Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0016Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0010Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0013Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0005Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0008Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0011Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0018Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0003Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0012Llewyn Monroe 11 Months Baby Boy_0001

Love this kid SO much and this phase of life with him is so fun and full of joy! Such a gift watching him daily grow and learn and gain new skills. :)

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  1. Brown Bear is London’s favorite book, too (amazing that she already loves it!!)

  2. Lelia Marie says:

    I love these posts every month!! It’s amazing how much he has learned so fast. So cute!! How did you manage a 9 hour trip? I’ve got one coming up in July! And Conor is already 18lbs. Oh dear. Big boy ????

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