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June Goals


Friendsssss. I have fallen off the bandwagon. I completely missed the month of May and didn’t post goals at all! I have fairly good excuses (like being gone for a week, Llewyn getting his first double ear infection, etc) and I’m not going to lie, the temptation of just quitting them altogether was real. BUT. I knew I would be upset with just giving up mid-year, especially when I’ve been on such a roll for these last couple of years. So, if anyone else has missed a deadline or not been consistent, DON’T let that tempt you to give up entirely. Just get back on the bandwagon and get back to it!

With that said, the last 2 months definitely had some great highlights! Like going up to Northern VA to get quality time with some of my favorite ladies (and have them meet Llewyn for the first time), a fun photoshoot for my friends who started a new business, Llewyn’s first roadtrip, finally getting my wedding guide ordered and mailed out to clients, visiting my family in IN and meeting my nephew for the first time, coffee dates upon coffee dates, quality time with special people, beautiful shoots, my first time to Quirk hotel, and just so many happy days with my sweet boy. April and May were full of some good times, for sure! (To keep up with all the fun life + work happenings, definitely be sure to follow along over on Instagram)

Tori Watson June Goals Instagram Recap_0001

Since I didn’t post any goals last month, we won’t go back over any old ones, and instead just use this as a fresh start for the second half of the year! So, here’s what I’ve been/will be focusing on for June:


  • Get back to drinking at least 3 tumblers of water a day
  • Be active for at least 15 minutes 3x a week
  • Get another round of things ready to take to Goodwill
  • Celebrate Llewyn’s first birthday!
  • Finish book for community group & start a new one
  • Create/order 2014 & 2015 photo books


  • Spend 20-30 minutes weekly strategically planning some new content inspiration
  • Choose 3 business-related books to read
  • Purchase at least one of those books & begin reading
  • Photograph office
  • Submit 2 more shoots
  • Update web galleries
  • Create new website page
  • Do Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram challenge!

It’s been hard to stay motivated, lately. It’s been hard to focus on goals and be inspired that I can achieve them. It’s just been a bit of a difficult/dry season in a lot of ways. But I think it’s the progress made in those times, even if it’s small, that is all the sweeter because it has to be fought hard for. So, here’s to pressing forward, continuing to put in the work to better yourself, your business, and your life!

What is one thing you hope to accomplish before June is over?

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