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Llewyn Monthly: 10 Months


Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0015

Continuing with my tradition of not posting his monthly photos until he’s almost already the NEXT month’s age….hah. Excited to show off 10-month-Llewyn today! WHAT a month it’s been. Here are some of the main bullet points!

  • Just DAYS after being over the stomach bug and finally eating again, I gave him some peanut butter since he seemed interested in it (for the second time ever) and his face immediately starting swelling….baby Benedryl, a scary rushed drive to urgent care (during which he threw up ALL over himself, and I naturally had forgotten the diaper bag in my hurry), and an epipen later….it seemed evident we have a peanut allergy. A couple days after that we got official allergy testing and he has that plus a few others. :(
  • Due to the failure to thrive/lack of weight gain (which we now understand is because of the food allergies we didn’t know about) we had to switch to a hypo-allergenic formula. That was a hard/sad transition for me, and initially for him. I had so badly wanted to make it to a whole year of nursing. But the BEST thing is seeing your baby gain weight, gain energy, and really thrive again. And I’m so happy to say he’s doing all of those things!
  • All in one fell-swoop RIGHT at 10 months he started full-on crawling and pulling up on everything!
  • Waves bye-bye and sometimes hi, as well.
  • Gives high-fives.
  • LOVES making a “roooooar” sound.
  • Laughs hysterically at the ceiling fan in the living room (video proof).
  • Got to go to IN to visit family and finally meet his cousin Harry!

While the first bit was still hard, 10 months has been a wonderful age with a lot of highlights and a lot of concerns diminishing, and I’m so grateful for that!

Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0001Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0012Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0004Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0009Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0007Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0008Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0002Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0010Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0005Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0011Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0014Llewyn Stylish Baby Boy 10 Months Old_0006

Love this kid with my whole heart!

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  2. Carissa Sherman says:

    So sad about his food allergies! But oh my goodness, he is the stinkin’ cutest baby!!!

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