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Katie & Nick | Springtime Richmond Engagement


These two. My goodness, they are SO fun. Not only are they undeniably adorable, but they are wholeheartedly smitten with each other. Katie was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot a couple years ago (shoutout to Abby & Micah!) so even at our first meeting together I felt like Nick & Katie treated me like a friend they were reuniting with and it’s always magic when that happens. So honored to get to capture their love and to be showing them off today!

Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0058Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0057Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0002Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0035Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0060Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0034Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0059Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0020Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0024Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0040Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0054Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0061Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0045Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0051Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0010Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0028Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0029Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0033Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0042Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0031Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0025Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0017Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0018Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0014Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0005Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0013Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0023Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0036Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0044Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0021Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0032Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0012Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0030Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0048Richmond Boho Spring Engagement_0038

I’m sure you can imagine how hard it was to pick images to post! Just so. many. favorites. Cannot even WAIT for their wedding this November!

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