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I am by no means a home decorating expert. I love following decor blogs, and brilliant DIY’ers, but half the time I’m stumped just trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with a room and once I do, how to achieve it. I’ve always been a slow decision-maker, especially when it comes […]

I’m by no means the greatest DIY-er or best home decorator (still learning a lot in that area) but when I saw this project on Pinterest it made me really want to decorate for Fall. So, I tweaked it a little by using the glittery leaves with string on a canvas instead of as garland. […]

Now that we’ve owned our home for a couple months, we’re starting to work bit-by-bit on making it feel like “us”. Granted, even finding what is “us” can be difficult when you and your spouse have different tastes…. But, that’s a different topic for a different day. ;) We DID recently agree on these antique […]

Many of you have been so sweet to say how excited you are for me and Aaron as we bought our first home at the end of April. A lot of you have also asked about photos…. I know, what kind of photographer buys a home and then doesn’t post any photos?! Well, the kind […]