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Our Home: A Farewell to Ketcham Drive


So, it is officially moving week here at the Watson household. In order to pay homage to the first house we bought together, I thought it would be fun to show you the photos from the listing. Our house certainly isn’t perfect, and most of the furniture is thrifted or second hand, but we loved this house and made it our home. Before checking out the photos below, have a peek back at the FIRST introduction of the house so you can appreciate just how much we painted when we first moved in. ;)

The office, which you can see more of, here.

I will miss getting to decorate this living room for Christmas. I don’t know that any other will be quite as wonderful.

You can see more of Llewyn’s room here.

Our master bedroom and guest bedrooms are definitely hodge podge, but they have enabled us to host so many wonderful people. I’m so grateful our new house will still have a guest room space and we look forward to being able to host lots more friends and loved ones in the coming months and years! (And maybe, eventually, getting some actually decent master bedroom furniture. Haha!)

This house, this yard, this whole space was such a gift. We started our family here, we hosted many, many people, and it truly was home. I’m so sad to be leaving it, but I hope it will be as much of a blessing to the next owners who will make a life here. So long, Ketcham Drive. You will be missed.

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