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Christmas Decor 2015


This year’s Christmas decor isn’t a whole lot different than last year’s. I made a few minor changes on the mantle (took out the candlesticks, added in the gold branches and pinecones, got a letter for Llewyn’s stocking), and I also added in a different gold/bead strand on the tree to give some variety to the gold ribbon I already have. Next year I really want to do pom-pom or yarn sort of garland. But we’ll see! I also went with a different throw pillow in the orange chair, though as you can see it remains a favorite spot for the cats, regardless. Hah. It was hard to want to do anything too different this year because I just love how it looked last year!

christmas decor 2015_0003christmas decor 2015_0009christmas decor 2015_0002

Still in love with all the pretty presents I got to wrap last weekend at Tart’s Holiday Wrap Bash! Seriously can’t wait for next year!

christmas decor 2015_0015christmas decor 2015_0007christmas decor 2015_0006christmas decor 2015_0014christmas decor 2015_0020

Just got this candle as a door prize at a baby shower and holy cow – it makes the whole house smell like Christmas. Loving it!

christmas decor 2015_0021christmas decor 2015_0008christmas decor 2015_0010christmas decor 2015_0005

Sadly, I couldn’t find a matching letter to the ones I got for mine and Aaron’s stockings last year. But I think this one blends pretty well! Plus, future children won’t have matching ones either, so might as well make it a little eclectic (which is my favorite, anyway). Also, this little ornament is my favorite because it’s Llewyn’s first one! We bought it last year when we didn’t yet know the gender, but we thought it looked like a little bundled-up baby (even though I’m sure it’s probably supposed to be an Eskimo) so I loved putting it front and center on the tree this year. :)

christmas decor 2015_0018christmas decor 2015_0027christmas decor 2015_0024

A little eclectic gallery-wall of Christmas cards displayed with washi tape is definitely my favorite method of showing off cards, thus far! It’s just so fun and easy to do, and it’s on the wall right inside our front door, so it’s perfect for people to catch a little glimpse of all our loved ones when they come to our house. And, of course, the BEST difference between this year’s decor and last year is who we get to enjoy it with….. :)

christmas decor 2015_0016christmas decor 2015_0019christmas decor 2015_0012christmas decor 2015_0017

Did anyone else show off their Christmas decorating this year? Link me to your posts in the comments, because I’d love to see!

Happy Friday, and happy last-weekend-until-Christmas!!! :D

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