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We all know how ideal it is, especially during chillier months, to feel warm and cozy while also feeling cute as you head out for errands or grab coffee with a friend. I love the ease of high-waisted jeans paired with a tied button down shirt, and a sweater, blazer or jacket thrown over top. […]

Guys, I will probably never fully achieve a capsule or minimalist wardrobe, but believe it or not I’m trying to get closer to that as the months go by. Mainly, trying to continue to be realistic with myself about what I actually wear, enjoy and feel great in right now – and be willing to […]

This post could practically be subtitled “The Year of Black & White”. As this is the last Wednesday of 2016 (how is that even possible?!) I thought it would be fun to look back on what styles stuck out to me in this year, and to see how my own preferences and trends have changed. […]

I love coming together with other brands that I feel passionate about, and one of those has recently been Camplight Apparel. Not only do they have some really great pieces for both adults and kiddos (as well as some fun mugs & other gift type items) but proceeds from each of their sales goes towards […]

Nothing is more exciting to me than taking a chance on a look I’ve never really tried before, to find that I fall in LOVE with it. For me, that’s beanie hats. When my hair used to be really curly hats honestly just either didn’t look the way I wanted, or was an all-day commitment […]