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Wardrobe Wednesday | Virginia Dare Dress Co. Motherhood Style + Giveaway


So, here’s the truth: sometimes as a newly postpartum mama, you just need to take a minute to make yourself feel put together and steal away for a little solace. Having a baby and adjusting to that life change, plus your “new” body, is no small thing. And I’m going to be real honest: I don’t feel comfortable in my skin, right now. The baby weight is lingering longer this time, and I’ve never weighed this much not pregnant before. That’s a tough mental battle, let alone struggling to visually accept the stranger you see in the mirror as you stare down those extra pounds. But here’s the other thing: I know I can’t change my body overnight (patience is so hard!), and I also know I can’t stay holed up in my house until I magically look the way I want to again. So all I can do is try to dress the body that I have right now, today, in a way that is comfortable and might just still make me feel beautiful. Enter: Virginia Dare Dress Co. 

You’ve seen me talk about this company before, founded by my darling friend Rebekah, but I appreciate it in a whole new way after partnering with her to bring a little mama-style inspiration. This afternoon spent together not only gave me fresh eyes and creativity as I looked in my own closet, but reminded me that even in the uncertain and ever-changing seasons of motherhood, we can find joy in who we are, and slow down long enough to savor where our lives are at. What a treat to get some special moments with my sweet Margot, as well! So, without further ado, two of my favorite looks with two of the amazing Virginia Dare Dresses. And be sure to read to the end because there’s a give-away you don’t want to miss out on!


This dress feels so nice to wear. Like, just looking at it doesn’t do it justice. It’s sturdy and thick, while being soft and stretchy. The length and neck coverage is perfect for motherhood (as bending over car seats or chasing toddlers won’t expose you) or for photographing weddings. It’s structured enough to be dressy, but simple enough to be casual. I seriously love all of the styling possibilities! And a bonus: it can be worn backwards to make it nursing friendly! This is how I have it styled here, and it’s seriously perfect! Whenever I’m going to invest in an item for my wardrobe, knowing that it has versatility is a huge selling point and this is one of those that I know is going to stand the test of time and give a lot of options for many different seasons of life and style. I love it with the cropped vintage vest and the scarf as it’s great for the late Fall/early Winter that we’re in, but it would be great belted, with a jacket or left without any accessories, as well.

Vest: Thrifted | Boots: Dillard’s | Basket tote: Xinh & Co | Scarf: TJ Maxx | Wrap: Solly Baby


You guys might remember this beautiful piece from one of my maternity outfits. It’s yet another super versatile dress as it totally worked with my 33-week bump, but is also now great for my postpartum & nursing needs. I didn’t even have to untie the waist to nurse Margot which makes it a great no-hassle piece to wear when out and about. I also love that as my waist (hopefully) goes back to it’s normal size in the coming months, I can just wrap it a little tighter and it will still be perfect and so flattering. Win/win!

I love pairing my favorite beanie with dressier items to bring a more cozy and casual vibe to it, and this is one of my favorite combos yet. So perfect for an afternoon out with my girl to grab a coffee and run an errand or two. Adding the scarf, tights and ankle boots make it perfect for the season, but again, this dress has so many options for accessorizing both now and in warmer months. Also, the feel and flow of the fabric is so nice.

Beanie: NewHumans | Scarf: Thrifted | Booties: DSW clearance | Diaper Bag: Fawn Design | Margot’s Outfit: Baby Gap (similar), Minimoc & Clara Josie

Such great dresses, right? And the only thing better than showing and telling you about how wonderful they are is helping you get your very own! In the spirit of the holiday season – when we’re supposed to be shopping for others, but inevitably always want something for ourselves, too – we’re giving the winner a free dress of their choice + $75 store credit to gift to a friend! It’s such a happy combination and you definitely don’t want to miss out, so head to my Instagram to find out more and enter to win!

Whether you’re a fellow mama struggling to dress your post-baby body, or completely baby-free, these dresses are for everyone and offer so much room to put your unique spin on them. Comment below and tell me your favorite one and how you’d style it!

All photos in this post are taken by Rebekah Murray.

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  1. I adore the Emma (and have it in both Navy & Green!). I NEVER would’ve thought to turn it backwards, but it’s gorgeous!!!!!! And you’re brilliant!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I have the Samantha and it is my favorite happy dress for sad days. And it is also my favorite thing to go swing and square dancing in.

  3. Ashley Holbrook says:

    I love the Samantha, and would style it with a modern twist on classic 1940s.

  4. Kathryn J says:

    I love the Emma! I would style it with a bright red jacket, and red cloche hat for winter.

  5. Vanessa Collins says:

    I LOVE the Emma! Brilliant idea to turn it backwards for nursing! <3 I'd love adding a blazer to it to dress it up and would wear it with black booties or my dark brown tall Frye boots.

  6. Katy Moss says:

    I would LOVE a navy Emma! And may I just say how nice it is to have a Tall option? I rarely wear dresses because it’s hard to find nice ones that come somewhere near your knees if you’re 5’9″. As a mom to two (working on three!), I’d probably just style it with the sapphire necklace my husband gave me a couple Christmasses ago.

  7. Debra Collins says:

    Love my Emma!! Hoping to get the Emma in Black too
    This company is amazing. ❤️

  8. Felicia Walters says:

    I would pair the Samantha with tights and booties!

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