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Wardrobe Wednesday | Navy & Brown


This week’s look is another really easy and casual one. It’s super comfortable and another look that crosses over from my regular style to a great maternity outfit. The color pallet is also one of my favorites (I feel like you can never go wrong with navy and brown leather accents).

Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0001

Inspiration photo source. All others taken by Kaytee Lauren, edited by me.

Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0002Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0004Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0005Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0007Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0006Wardrobe Wednesday Navy and Brown Casual Stripes_0003

Shirt: Marshall’s, $10 | Jeans: Old Navy, $19 | Boots: Etsy, $60 | Bag: ONA Camera Bag, $360 | Necklace: Was my Mom’s

Here’s to long, loose (but still cute!) shirts and comfy maternity outfits. :)

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  1. ashley says:

    Hello! I hope this isn’t annoying but I have a huge favor… would you mind telling me what all you can fit in your Ona bag? I love the Brooklyn but I’m afraid I won’t be able to fit all my ‘go to’ gear when I go for a shoot. No rush getting back to me and I thank you so much for your time! – Ashley

    • Tori says:

      Hey Ashley,

      The Brooklyn fits my camera body with on lens attached, plus two additional lenses. Plus, it has a front and back pocket that can hold extra batteries and memory cards, cell phone, etc. For me, that’s perfect and all I need for portrait sessions. But totally understand that might not fit everyone’s needs! Hope that’s helpful!

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