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Promo Video Behind-The-Scenes


One of of the things I was most excited about with this whole rebrand was finally taking on the project of having a promo video made. I’d always been interested in one, as I love getting to see other photographer’s since it gives you a unique glimpse into who they are more than just a still photo can, but the timing was never quite right before. Once I decided I was going to change my name and refresh my brand, though, it seemed like the perfect time. So I started doing research and watching lots of videos and getting a vision for what I wanted, and then it was just a question of who could take these jumbled thoughts and make them into an awesome video.

Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0013Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0004

Enter the brilliant Jill Bowen of Every Generation Productions! Jill and I met last summer working together on the media team for National Convention and she’s just one of those people you instantly like. She’s SO talented and creative, but so calm and chill that she acts like the brilliance she produces is no big deal. I had such a great time just getting to know her that week that I instantly thought of her as someone who would be so fun to work on this project with. BUT, she lives in Florida and I had no idea if her schedule would even allow for taking this on in the time frame I needed. But as it would all turn out perfectly, she just HAPPENED to be in Virginia for an internship last September, had one available weekend, and it just HAPPENED to be the one weekend I didn’t have a wedding that month! It couldn’t have fallen into place more perfectly. On top of that, the weather was amazing and we knocked out everything in two days. So, if you didn’t see it on the site yet, here’s the video! I’m so thrilled with how it turned out, and think it’s a really fun addition to the site and brand.

I mean, seriously. Jill is amazing, right?! Huge thanks to my friends Joel & Kaytee and Billy & Kristen (whose photos I still need to post!) for being willing to model for this, and to my friend Tara who did a ton to assist for the actual shooting. She also snapped these behind-the-scenes photos for me! (Shout out to Lamplighter for also being fabulous and letting us shoot in their perfectly-lit space!)

Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0017Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0010Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0015Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0006Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0012Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0001Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0008Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0003

Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0002Tori Watson Promo Video Behind The Scenes_0014

If you need a promo video, or really ANY kind of video done, Jill is your girl! She is so fun to work with and clearly has a ton of talent. She’s totally going places, and I’m so thrilled I had the chance to work with her!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter the new brand give-away! Hope everyone has a happy weekend! :)

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  1. Eleni says:

    Wow Tori! THIS WAS FANTASTIC! I have always enjoyed seeing your photography! Congratulations on the rebranding! Everything looks great!

  2. Lelia Marie says:

    Go Tori! That is beautiful! I love your new video! :-) I’m just so happy for everything that is happening to you right now! Keep right on being awesome :-)

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