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Small Business Simplification: Align Album Design


Sometimes as small business owners I think we can get stuck in the rut of how we’ve “always done” something, and as our business grows we don’t even realize it’s holding us back. But what we DO realize is that we feel like we don’t have enough time in a day to get everything done. Things that once were easy to get to, somehow end up on the back burner. That’s because business is growing – which is great! But it also means we can no longer keep doing everything like we did when we first started out, mainly, doing it all ourselves.

Even before I had a baby I started to realize I just didn’t have enough time to handle every part of my business, anymore. But especially now that my time is super valuable and I have to carefully pick and choose what to focus on and what to outsource into very capable hands.

One of the things I’m so happy I outsourced is my album design. I loved designing albums myself, but it always took me longer than I wanted, and it was something I realized didn’t have to have my personal touch to it. So when I had more than one friend recommend trying out Align Album Design, I decided to give them a shot. From the very first album, I was completely hooked! Not only is everyone I’ve ever communicated with so friendly, and super quick to respond, but they are awesome at what they do! If you hit it off with a particular designer, they even allow you to work with them whenever possible so that you can develop a relationship and have design consistency. (Shoutout to Andrea who has done like 99% of my designs and is amazing!)

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0004

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0005

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0007

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0008

So, what are the cons? Honestly, none. My life has only been enhanced and made better because of this decision. It speeds up the whole album process so much, and is such a polished and professional way for both me and my clients to review and make comments on the design, as well as for me to get the files once the design is complete. Plus, it’s actually really cool to see how someone else takes your work and puts the designs together to tell the story of the day. It’s clear their purpose was to make the life of photographers easier (since it was founded by a fellow photographer!), and they do just that! I seriously just can’t say enough good things about Align!

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0012

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0015

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0017

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0014

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0018

Tori Watson Photography Align Album Design_0019

If you’ve been on the fence about giving up control of your album design, I highly encourage you to give them a shot. Your first design is automatically 50% off just because they’re awesome like that. Just use the code “1STORDER” and you’ll be set! So what are you waiting for? For your next album take the leap and let Align blow your mind and change your business!

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