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Goals: March 2016


February was a great month, and held a few snow days, lots of coffee, relaxing time with family, chopping NEW bangs (!!!), a couple DIY art projects I’m loving, a few big business projects accomplished, sharing a magazine feature I’m stoked about, tax prep (boo) and of course lots of happy days with my sweet little man. Really grateful for what I got done, but excited to be moving into Spring time. Especially with the weather we’ve had the last couple days. So amazing!

March 2016 Tori Watson Photography Goals_0001

Here’s what I got done last month!


  • Workout twice a week (For the most part, I think. I ended up going for several walks…but I still count that as working out! ;)
  • Drink at least 3 tumblers of water per day (There were a few days here and there that I don’t think I made it to the 3rd one…)
  • KonMari two more categories
  • Prep clothes for selling
  • Take another load of stuff to Goodwill
  • DIY new art piece for Kitchen
  • Get plant for living room


  • Implement new receipt filing system
  • Get all tax prep done & turned into CPA (Yay!!)
  • Clean office
  • Submit 1-2 shoots
  • Create/share ideal daily & weekly schedule
  • Finish designing wedding guide (Finally!)

I’m happy with the progress I made and the things I got done! But to build on that, here’s what I hope to do with the rest of March:


  • Keep working out twice a week
  • Drink at least 3 tumblers of water per day
  • KonMari paper category
  • Sell clothes & get rid of anything that doesn’t sell
  • Figure out how I want to celebrate my birthday next month
  • Update info in Llewyn’s baby book


  • Clean office
  • Submit 1-2 more shoots
  • Create/share ideal weekly schedule
  • Order sample bridal guide & check for any printing errors
  • Work on transferring info & setting up new computer
  • Update website galleries
  • Create new web page draft

Here’s hoping the Spring weather will keep me motivated to keep cleaning, organizing and accomplishing! What are a few things on your to-do list this month?

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