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Wardrobe Wednesday | Early Spring Sweater Style


Sometimes you just need those easy “mom outfits”. Loose layers, comfy jeans (that may or may not be jeggings) and easy-to-slip-on ankle boots. Adding a little flare with a printed shirt layered under a light sweater makes for a super practical way to still feel like you haven’t gotten boring with your clothes, even if (like me) you’re accessorizing much less these days. And, of course, the temptation to dress your baby in coordinating colors is just too much to resist. Especially when he has SUCH a cute sweater that you want to get more wear out of before the temperatures get too warm. And yes, all of THIS was put together after pinning this inspiration photo on my style board.

Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0001

Inspiration photo source. All others taken by Kaytee Lauren, edited by me.

Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0002Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0007Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0008Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0012

I like prints like this that actually have fairly bright colors in them, but from a distance it’s only a subtle affect. It leaves room to draw out one of the shades with lipstick or accessories of some sort, while still having an overall muted-tone to the outfit.

Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0005Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0004Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0009Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0003Floral Spring Easy Mom and Baby Style_0006

Shirt: Target, $9 | Sweater: Target, $7 | Jeans: Old Navy, $19 | Boots: DSW, $30 | Llewyn’s outfit, Sweater: Zara, Christmas gift | Pants: Old Navy, $3 | Boots: Baby Gap, $10

Any one else trying to get in one or two more wears of your favorite sweater before Spring fully sets in?

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  1. OH MY WORD! This is my favorite wardrobe Wednesday EVER!! So so cute! xoxo!

  2. Shannon Wright says:

    You two are so adorable! I LOVE your outfit!!

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