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Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration


Last Fall I had sooo much fun working with some of my fellow creative friends to brainstorm and shoot this styled session. I had the initial idea, and helped give direction for where I wanted to go stylistically, but was SO grateful to have Nicole of Stag & Lily come on board to make the vision a reality. We headed out to the gorgeous grounds of Seven Springs which was definitely the perfect setting for our story.

We wanted to bring real-life inspiration for a bride who might be celebrating in the late Fall or Winter as she enjoys a luncheon or tea with her friends. Whether it’s for the bridal shower, or time with her best friends the week of the wedding, the goal was to show that something beautiful, especially in the “off” season, doesn’t have to be expensive or unattainable. With vintage family photos to add meaning to the celebration, teacups passed down from grandmas and great grandmas, and pies that might have been baked by Mom or Grandma herself. In addition to some gorgeous florals put together by The Green Flamingo, we wanted to add a touch of the foraged concept to show that with a little effort you can add lots of natural beauty to enhance your events, too. So Nicole and her friend created the magnolia wreath from leaves at Seven Springs as well as the green elements hanging with the photos and other touches on the table.

Needless to say, it was a really fun, beautiful shoot that is rooted in the type of event that is dear to my heart. One with beauty, familial sentiment, and some vintage-boho touches. We’re so excited to have it featured on a blog we love later this year, but am sooo thrilled to be showing off some of my favorites, today!

Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0002Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0004Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0009Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0013Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0016Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0008Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0027Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0007Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0005Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0014Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0034Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0029Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0026Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0036Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0028Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0019Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0035Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0041Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0050Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0052Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0058Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0020Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0011Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0030Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0031Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0015Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0043Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0039Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0044

How amazing is the hair & make-up for these stunning girls?? Mandie totally killed it with each of their looks and I love how they come together so well but are each unique.

Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0049Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0033Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0038Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0006Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0025Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0003Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0021Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0040Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0053Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0059Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0022Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0001Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0042Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0054Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0057Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0024Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0060Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0051Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0048Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0046Winter Boho Bridal Tea Inspiration_0056

Just so gorgeous, right?! It really was such a joy creating this with all of these talented ladies and doing a shoot I felt passionate about and inspired by. And huge thanks to my beautiful friends for being the perfect models! See all vendor credits below!

Venue: Seven Springs | Photography & Design: Tori Watson Photography | Design & Styling: Stag & Lily | Florals: The Green Flamingo | Hair & Make-Up: MLW Hair & Make-Up | Vintage Rentals: Paisley & Jade | Models: Tara Pattengale, Meredith Sledge, Eliza Sturgeon | Paper Suite: English Tea Paperie

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  1. Erika says:

    Gorgeous, Tori! Love the tones of the whole shoot.

  2. Andrea says:

    Tori! This shoot is amazing. Those tones and colors are just so soothing and inspiring! You knocked it out of the park.

  3. Tori! I love this! Your style is just emulated so perfectly throughout the entire shoot. Probably some of my favorite images you’ve ever created. Bravo, friend!

    • Tori says:

      Thank you so much, friend! It was SO much fun to shoot something that felt like it had so much of “me” in it. :)

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