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Christmas Decor 2017


Oh how I love adding a little sparkle to our house during Christmas! This is our first year in this current house, and I’m not gonna lie…it doesn’t feel quite as perfectly suited for Christmas decorating as our last home. That living room with the vaulted ceiling and beam, and fireplace, and the wall color that I just loved….sigh. It was just so cozy and happy and perfect. But this current house IS home right now, and there’s a lot to be grateful for here, even if the split level means that my pretty tree and decorated mantle aren’t all in the same room. ;)

As pretty much always, I worked with things I already had to decorate this year. Occasionally I buy or make something new to add to the mix, but this year with a newborn and toddler that just wasn’t gonna happen. We did, of course, add a stocking for Margot, though. :) And utilizing the stuff I already had in a new space still gives everything a fresh spin.

It’s a happy, cozy, wonderful time of year and I’m so grateful for what this year has held. Primarily, of course, the addition of Margot…but also of Aaron’s job that he loves, and of my brother and sister-in-law now only being 13 minutes away. Change isn’t simple and often not easy, but with it comes blessings that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and I wouldn’t trade them for anything (even a ceiling beams and favorite wall colors).

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