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2018 Goals


Finally sharing my 2018 goals with you – just in time before January is over, hah! The truth is, I’m still wrapping my head around this year. And I know that the biggest goal of all is going to be to hold my goals loosely and give myself grace. That might seem counterproductive, but I know that’s the kind of perspective I need, because so much of life with a newborn + toddler is still unpredictable and out of my control. So, I strive for improvement and achievement, but I also aim for flexibility and grace that helps me remember what’s most important in these days of having very little kiddos. Nonetheless, there are several things I’m hoping to accomplish this year and I wanted to share them. :)

As a note, many of them are somewhat vague and I will be making smaller, more actionable steps to accomplish per month, etc. I 100% believe that breaking down goals into smaller steps to achieve is the way to do it! But I’m just sharing the overall goals here as of now.



Overall objective: celebrate 10 years in business and out of that gratitude, better serve existing and future clients, as well as blog + social media followers.

  • Work with a business coach to hone my business plan and examine all existing practices + tweak as necessary and/or implement new ones
  • Update Wedding Guide
  • Create 1-2 new blog series
  • Implement going “live” on social media in a way that serves my clients & followers
  • Brain storm and hash out a few creative ideas that have been on the back burner
  • Do at least 2 styled/creative shoots for growth and inspiration
  • Submit more work



Overall objective: slow down and savor the life that I have in all of its imperfection, making time for self-care and better serving my family and those I love.

  • Send at least 2 handwritten notes per month
  • Spend time journaling in Margot’s baby book once a month, and catch up on Llewyn’s
  • Take daily time for myself, even if it’s short (be it napping, working out, reading, journaling, etc)
  • Establish a fitness and workout routine for health (and a bonus if I can lose the remaining baby weight)
  • Be a tidier person by making at least 1 lasting change in habit
  • Read at least 3 books (1 for personal enjoyment, 1 parenting, 1 for business)
  • Get rid of more stuff
  • Make intentional unplugged time daily to play with and focus on my kids
  • Work on a meal planning system


This may not seem super impressive or even like “enough” for a whole year. But, again, I’m trying to be realistic to give myself things to work towards, without being unrealistic and at the end of the day, knowing that my best effort will be all I can ask. I’d love to hear how you find motivation and how you go about setting goals for yourself!

What is one major goal you have for 2018? Share below!

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