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3 Tips for Being a Stress-Free Bride


I love this quote from my past bride, Cassie, in regards to wedding planning: “Don’t obsess about the details and don’t worry about things you can’t control. Everything will turn out as it’s meant to be. Just be present and enjoy the time planning and celebrating with people you love.” 

I couldn’t agree more with not sweating the small stuff and instead choosing to be present on your wedding day. After all, once the day rolls around it’s about the marriage and celebrating with your most beloved family and friends. But as much as I echo this statement, and you probably have heard it over and over from other brides and even friends, sometimes the how can be a little trickier. We all know that so many things in life are “easier said than done”, right? But they can be done, so today I just want to give 3 simple, practical tips for how to be a laid back and present bride so that you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!


I’m all about a professional wedding coordinator or event stylist and whenever budget allows I 100% would encourage any bride to make that a top priority! You will never realize how much is involved in making all of the moving pieces of a wedding come together seamlessly and achieve your dream for details and special touches. Hint: it’s a lot of effort. But even if you can’t afford a full service planner, that’s ok! At least hire a day-of coordinator or even solicit the services of a talented friend or family member. But brides, please hear me: do not be your own coordinator. There is so much happening on your wedding day and that last thing any vendor wants to do is bother the bride to ask a simple schedule question. It will increase your stress tremendously to have to be that point person and get asked a ton of questions throughout your wedding day. So, this is my greatest tip for a stress-free wedding day: have a designated point person and day-of coordinator!


Making sure that all wedding party members and family members that will be needed for photos at specific times and places have a copy of the timeline so they can continually reference it on their phones, Apple watches or what-not, can tremendously help reduce any day-of stress. If a wedding party member needs to run into the hotel to grab something, or take care of a kid, etc, they know when they have moments to do that and also when/where they need to be. Keeping everyone on the same page and in-the-know helps things run smoothly and allows you AND your wedding party to enjoy the day more because they also know when they’ll be done with photos and get to party. ;)


I had very specific ideas for the decor at my wedding, and really wanted things a particular way. I had done a lot of prep-work leading up to the wedding to make sure it would be that way….but when it came to the actual day-of, I entrusted my coordinator with that vision and also made a conscious decision not to worry, micro-manage or obsess over things being “perfect”. I noticed probably halfway through the reception that the tabletops were missing an element I had wanted included, but they also looked totally fine as-is. So in that moment, I chose to remain present in the joy of my wedding day and not worry about one silly little thing that no one else would even know was missing. Details are important, and I know a lot of effort is put into envisioning them as they help make your day special and personal. I totally get that and trust me, I love details as much as anyone else! But at the end of the day, just remember that ultimately, enjoying your day with little stress is all about how you set yourself up for success prior to the day (with the tips above) and how you choose to respond in those unpredictable moments that arise throughout.

So again, as Cassie said, “…don’t worry about things you can’t control. Everything will turn out as it’s meant to be. Just be present and enjoy the time celebrating with people you love.” 

Yes, and amen. Happy planning, brides! I know you have an amazing day in store! :)

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