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I'm a self-proclaimed sentimentalist who believes in photography that evokes emotion, looks effortless, and feels real. Here on my blog, you'll find my work, my outfit inspiration, goals, and more. I'm glad you're here!


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I love this quote from my past bride, Cassie, in regards to wedding planning: “Don’t obsess about the details and don’t worry about things you can’t control. Everything will turn out as it’s meant to be. Just be present and enjoy the time planning and celebrating with people you love.”  I couldn’t agree more with […]

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My husband and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary this past November, but in so many ways I can still vividly remember the wedding planning phase. It was JUST before Pinterest, but there were plenty of wedding inspiration blogs and, of course, The Knot’s checklist. But most of the time those things were overwhelming because […]

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For anyone who is currently a bride, or may find themselves being one someday soon, this post is for you! I sometimes take for granted that information has been floating around the wedding & photography industries for enough years that I’m sure brides just “already know it” – but I’ve realized how silly that is! Most […]

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