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Christine Olmstead | Artist + Entrepreneur Modern Style Inspiration


Guuuuys. I’m so excited to be bringing you another amazingly talented (and gorgeous!) lady and her style inspiration. If you don’t already know who Christine Olmstead is, well, you’re missing out! She’s an incredible artist that creates truly some of the most beautiful modern art pieces I’ve ever seen. You’re in for a treat and I hope you enjoy getting to know her and her style and how she makes it work as an artist & small business owner!

How would you describe your signature style?

I would say my style is minimal eclectic, with a touch of edgy. I’d like to be edgier in my fashion choices but I think I’d feel guilty for not wearing all the edgy pieces all the time.

How do you approach adding pieces to your wardrobe?

I usually get a few pieces every Fall and every Spring. And I’m always trying to clean out my closet throughout the year. Usually when shopping I’m updating clothes that I need (like new jeans or tops), but I also usually get one or two more trendy/fun pieces to keep me excited into the season. I’m a saver not a spender though, so I usually try to spend $500 or less on clothes and shoes a year.

What is your favorite thing to wear for a day in the office? Why?

I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt. Anything I paint in, I have to be willing to get paint all over, so I usually wear old/worn out comfortable clothes to my studio.

Dress: J. Crew | Necklace & earrings: Handmade by friend Annie Chase of Steel Flowers

What is your favorite thing to wear for a day on location? Why? 

I usually try and look pretty professional when onsite meeting clients or architects. Most people think of artists as messy, sloppy, unkempt and untimely. That’s not who I am so I usually try and look business casual. Usually it is something like jeans, a blouse, blazer and heels. I also struggle with age discrimination quite a bit so I’m always trying to get people to see me as older and trustworthy. The more professional look helps with that.

What are 3 of your favorite brands or places to shop? 

Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Madewell

Any favorite tips, tricks, or go-to’s when it comes to your wardrobe or accessories?

If everyone is wearing something like it, don’t buy it. Mostly I use clothes to make myself feel confident, if I don’t feel confident in it then I shouldn’t waste my time wearing it. 

Where do you find style inspiration? 

Honestly mostly Pinterest. I can’t think of one person who would be a style icon, I just know what I like when I see it. No one person always chooses looks I like.

Jeans: H&M | Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft | Jacket: Diesel | Shoes: Steve Madden 

Isn’t her style fabulous? She pulls off that leather jacket and that bit of edginess so perfectly! And I LOVE her comment about confidence. You can tell the clothes she chooses help her exude confidence as a person, artist and business owner and that is truly what our clothes should do: help highlight who we already are!

You can check out more of her work here and follow along with her work and behind the scenes over on Instagram!

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