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Now Offering: Custom USB Photo Storage


For all of my 2019 brides, I’m excited to be sharing a fun new option I’ll be offering: USB drives for backup photo storage! I used to offer this years ago, before so much of photo storage was online and in the cloud. As I made that switch it seemed more and more clients just didn’t want or need the USBs, so I stopped offering them and never got any with my updated branding. But as time has gone on, it’s become something that is occasionally requested here and there. So, I knew that I needed to find the perfect company to create one that wasn’t just practical, but also a perfect fit with my branding. Enter: USB Memory Direct!

How beautiful and perfect, right?! I LOVE how it flows with the rest of my branding and if you’re someone that doesn’t want to deal with backing up your own photos this will be a great option for you! They are the perfect dainty size and great for sticking in a drawer or even storing in your handmade photo box.

I’m always looking to serve my clients better and fulfill their needs, and I’m excited to bring this option back as another addition to my heirloom products!

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