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Joanna Carden | Modern + Minimal Style Inspiration


I’m so excited to be sharing this super fun style session with the amazing Joanna Carden. She is an interior + shoot/prop stylist in DC and has impeccable taste for all things decor, clothes, and life in general! She is also the mama to two (adorable) kiddos. I’m daily inspired by her creative talent and thrilled to be featuring her + some of her personal style and tips!

How would you describe your signature style?

I follow a few Parisian accounts on Instagram for inspiration, mainly because I love how effortless-yet-put-together their outfits are. We went to Paris last October and the number one thing I noticed was how *everyone* dresses so well, and yet their outfits are very minimalistic. They tend to embrace a masculine, structured style with added feminine elements. Lots of lace, wool, herringbone, leather, gold, and plaid paired with some white sneakers or chelsea boots to keep it casual and comfortable. 

How do you approach adding pieces to your wardrobe?

I have a list on my phone of closet staples I’d like to add to my wardrobe. I don’t really shop. By that I mean, I don’t go out shopping to randomly buy whatever I may see and like. I make a list and then hunt for that one item. That way I can test out a bunch of different brands for that one particular item in order to find the best quality and price for me. Hopefully that item then becomes a staple in my closet for years instead of something I’ll only enjoy for a season.

What is your favorite thing to wear for a day in the office/working at home? Why?

Since I’m a stay at home mom of two, I tend to only wear sweats, a t-shirt, and my favorite wool slippers at home. 

Top: J Crew Linen Button Down | Pants: bought at a boutique in Paris but loves all plaid pants from Zara | Shoes: Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers (*SO comfortable and go with everything. Worth the pricepoint and can usually find them discounted on Poshmark*) 

What are 3 of your favorite brands or places to shop?

Sezane, Zara, Mango, Boyish, Everlane. That’s obviously 5, but they’re all equally loved by me.

Any favorite tips, tricks, or go-to’s when it comes to your wardrobe or accessories?

Like I said before, I have a running list of items that I add to, and am always on the hunt for the perfect version of each item (i.e. a white loose button down, leopard heels, orange linen pants, etc.). When I find an item I really like, I *always* check Poshmark or eBay to see if I can find the exact item at a discount. I also make sure to try the item on first in store or from online before buying on Poshmark so I can figure out my sizing — there are no returns on Poshmark! 

Where do you find style inspiration?

@everydaypursuits (I love all of her outfit videos) @sincerelyjules (her recent campaign with Sezane is my favorite)  @thesaltyblonde (california vibes) @mademoisellejaime (minimal style that I love, but I appreciate when she mixes it up with a colorful, print, dress) @lglora (neutral and minimalist style) @audreylombard (cool is the only word you need to describe her style) @sydneyliann (always so chic and laidback and a mom to 2) @jaceyduprie (nails the blazer look and is a new mom. her home is a dream!)

Top: Sezane | Pants: Levi 721’s | Necklace: Made by Mary | Coat: Zara | Shoes: J Crew Factory | Purse: Madewell

Isn’t her style amazing?? I love her tips about keeping a list and looking for specific items – I’m trying to get better about using this method instead of spontaneous shopping, as well! Also love all the places she finds style inspiration and will definitely start following along. Speaking of following along, be sure to keep with Joanna on Instagram for cute kid videos, pretty interiors, lovely style and in general fun DC living. :)

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