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Wardrobe Wednesday | Classy Casual Beanie

Nothing is more exciting to me than taking a chance on a look I’ve never really tried before, to find that I fall in LOVE with it. For me, that’s beanie hats. When my hair used to be really curly hats honestly just either didn’t look the way I wanted, or was an all-day commitment as taking it off left me with serious hat-head. But now that my curl is looser and I occasionally work in the straightened-hair look, as well, this slouchy beanie look works so well and I love it. Especially when it’s in my favorite color of brown AND handmade by a talented artist/friend (if you didn’t see my post on NewHumans knit wear, you can read more about it)!


Inspiration image source. All others taken by Aaron Watson (yes! my husband rocked these for me), edited by me.


While I often rock the beanie with leggings, a long loose sweater and some ankle boots, I really like the combination of the casual hat with the tucked in button down, pleated pants & vintage loafers. It’s a fun combination of different styles and textures put together, as well as masculine/feminine juxtaposition that I’m digging!


Pants: ThredUp, $8 | Shirt: Old Navy, $19 | Hat: NewHumans, $35 | Shoes: Thrifted, $5 | Ring: Came in a set from H&M, $9

What is a trend or accessory that you were hesitant to try but then fell in love with? I know I can’t be the only one who is late to come around to certain things! Tell me your stories in the comments below. :)

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