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How is it even POSSIBLE that I’m writing this post?! I’m still in awe that my little baby is already a year old. It’s been a whirlwind these past 12 months. Some really hard days, a lot of sleepless nights, health struggles, and all the caffeine. But so very much joy. A ton of laughter, […]

  • Lelia Marie - OMG how cute is he? I cannot believe he is already a year old! Where does the time go? And I love that photo wall of every month! :-)ReplyCancel

Friendsssss. I have fallen off the bandwagon. I completely missed the month of May and didn’t post goals at all! I have fairly good excuses (like being gone for a week, Llewyn getting his first double ear infection, etc) and I’m not going to lie, the temptation of just quitting them altogether was real. BUT. […]

It’s unbelievable that Llewyn is ALMOST A YEAR OLD (as of next Monday)! But I’m cherishing the rest of him being 11-months and excited to share his photos today! Things of note from this month: Went on his first roadtrip (9 hours) and did great! Cut his first tooth (!!!!) Finally hit 18 pounds (and […]

  • Sarah Bradshaw - Brown Bear is London’s favorite book, too (amazing that she already loves it!!)ReplyCancel

  • Lelia Marie - I love these posts every month!! It’s amazing how much he has learned so fast. So cute!! How did you manage a 9 hour trip? I’ve got one coming up in July! And Conor is already 18lbs. Oh dear. Big boy 😛ReplyCancel

When your friends are starting a new (and at the time SECRET) business venture and need promo photos, you just KNOW you’re in for a fun time. Mandie & Aimee are good friends of mine (who are best friends with each other) and they just opened up an online boutique to sell fun, cute clothes […]