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Christmas Decor 2019


It’s that time of year again – sharing this year’s Christmas decor! It’s not wildly different from last year, although the mantel has a few new pieces which I’ll point out below and I did dry oranges for the first time as garland for the tree and some other decor elements. It was a little bit time consuming since I did several batches to have enough, but it was fun to do and I love the different element it brings to the tree (even if this year’s tree is a little wonkier than normal, haha). It also smelled really nice while they baked. Scroll below for Cooper’s more-than-usual participation in this year’s shoot, as well. ;)

The kids’ new ornaments this year are a little wooden bird for Margot and a wooden whale for Llewyn that I got while in Tennessee this Fall on a family trip with really good friends. I love that they’ll remind us of that fun vacation together every year that we hang them on the tree. Plus, I’m just always a fan of cute, hand carved little items. :)

One of my very favorite mantel designs to date. It’s less overtly Christmassy and more wintery in general, but I really love it. The floral art print is from The Weekend Type (artist Korie Herold) and the painting is one I did myself. I had an old canvas that I didn’t love, so I painted over it and knew I just wanted to do an abstract wintery vibe to complement the art print. I love how it came out! A little vintage Jingle Bells print to bring in some more Christmas paired with the dried florals and evergreen and I just dig the whole combination. The amazing brass pitcher was snagged from The Little Kettle and the brass candlesticks were my moms that she’s had over the years that I convinced her to give me a couple years ago. ;)

This little art piece is from Color + Sound, and the amazing wooden vase from Honeysuckle Shop. The “Wonderful” was a free printable online and the bell was my grandmother’s. The wooden bowl above and also the wicker tray in the living room was from The Sanders Abode and the advent calendar is from Target.

The bird print is also from The Weekend Type and the “Fa La La” was another free online printable. The wooden nativity puzzle is one I grew up with that was made by a great great uncle and I love the unique way it brings another nativity to our home and is an interactive way to talk about it.

The other special ornaments I added to the tree this year were from Maryfrances Carter, Korie Herold & White Hearth Pottery – 3 of my very favorite artists. I love having pieces of their talent to pull out year after year, now! Additionally, Korie published an amazing Christmas memory book that I got and can’t wait to start filling out!

I always get so much joy out of decorating for this time of the year, and I love having this visual record to look back on year after year. Continuing to grow my collection of meaningful and beautiful elements to mix and match each year is also one of my favorite things. If you love that, as well, definitely give the different little shops and artists that I linked to a follow because I think you’ll discover some gems of your own.

If you care to see more, check out last year’s Christmas Decor as well as one of my favorite year’s in our other house.

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