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Christmas Decor 2018


Our yearly Christmas decor has been one of my favorite things to look back on each year. I love decorating the space we live in, especially in the homes we’ve owned (it was much more bare bones back when we lived in apartments) in a way that still reflects my style, but brings a cozy, festive, sentimental Christmas touch to it. It’s usually somewhat similar from year to year as I only add one or two new pieces a year, if that, and am usually just reusing or reworking stuff I already have. But we got a few new elements this year that are fun and special, which I’ll detail below!

Our new additions this year are:

  • New tree topper (I never really loved our light up star, and this subtle, but beautiful, one from Magnolia was the perfect replacement)
  • New-to-us vintage nativity set from Etsy. This hand-carved style from olive wood is the type that I grew up with in my family and I wanted to bring that tradition to my own home for my children. I love that these wooden ones are unique because they’re hand-carved and durable enough to allow children to help set them up as they get a little older. I combined the vintage figures with the stable from the vintage set my dad grew up with and it makes an all-around special, unique and sentimental set for my family that I already love so much!
  • “Be Merry” banner. We have this large, empty wall in our entry way and I knew I wanted something to add a little pizzaz to this spot where I like to hang our Christmas cards. This is the perfect additon!
  • New ornaments for Llewyn & Margot. We got cute little Llama/sheep type animals during Luckett’s Store Christmas market (we can’t actually tell what they are – haha!) One with garland around the neck for Llewyn, and Margot’s has a little pink party hat on to symbolize this being the year of her first birthday. :)
  • Pretty seasonal floral arrangement from Bee’s Wing Flower Farm (snagged last weekend at Virginia Dare Dress Co’s fun little holiday pop up party!)
  • Doing a little Advent calendar with printables from Ann Voskamp (that go along with her book The Greatest Gift that I’m reading) on a cute wall hanging that was gifted to me.

This nativity puzzle is also a really special piece to me. It was hand made by my great-great uncle. Another really special and unique way for my kids to have a hands-on nativity to enjoy and interact with as they grow. Also, this A Thrill of Hope and O Tannenbaum prints were free printables found via Pinterest! So many great options out there!

It cheers my heart like none other to enjoy my home (and invite others over, too) during Christmas time. You can check out last year’s decor and the ones at our other home: 2016 | 2015 | 2014

What about you? Is decorating for Christmas something you enjoy, do out of necessity or avoid altogether?

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