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Oh, this sweet boy! What a fun couple of months it’s been. In keeping with my every three month photos at this point, these were all supposed to be from 21 months. But since it was right after we moved, and because I didn’t really get one shoot in like I wanted, I decided to […]

Um, YOU GUYS HOW IS MY BABY SUCH A TODDLER?! He has grown up SO much in the last 3 months and it’s both shocking and so much fun. I’m in awe of the sweet little human that he is, and constantly learning anew what it means to parent a toddler (both the joys AND […]

Now that Llewyn is over a year old, I decided I would cut back his monthly photos to every 3 months until he’s 2, and then reevaluate after that. So that brings us to now, his 15 month photos! Which, he actually turns 16 months tomorrow and I can’t even believe how fast time is […]

How is it even POSSIBLE that I’m writing this post?! I’m still in awe that my little baby is already a year old. It’s been a whirlwind these past 12 months. Some really hard days, a lot of sleepless nights, health struggles, and all the caffeine. But so very much joy. A ton of laughter, […]

It’s unbelievable that Llewyn is ALMOST A YEAR OLD (as of next Monday)! But I’m cherishing the rest of him being 11-months and excited to share his photos today! Things of note from this month: Went on his first roadtrip (9 hours) and did great! Cut his first tooth (!!!!) Finally hit 18 pounds (and […]